Our Services

Here at R3M, we provide services to public and private water and wastewater utilities, systems, and municipalities. Our project experience includes work with:

  • Evaluation and Design of Gravity and Pressure Piping Systems
  • Trenchless Rehabilitation and Installation Technologies
  • Monitoring, assessment, evaluation, repair and rehabilitation of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe(PCCP)
  • Evaluation, planning and design of Pumping Stations
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Process Evaluations and Design Engineering
  • Biosolids and Residuals Management and Processing Technologies
  • Thermal Sludge Drying Technologies
  • Bulk Materials Handling Systems
  • Process Air Pollution Control including Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers, and Scrubbing technologies
  • Instrumentation and Process Control Systems, components, and technologies
  • General Consulting Services for water and wastewater facilities, serving as Engineer-of-Record to Authorities and Municipalities.

R3M and its employees offer our clients Large Project Expertise gained through our combined experience serving public and private entities and utilities. We believe that Large Project Expertise involves not only the technical engineering experience of a firm and its individuals, but also the experience gained in coordinating and implementing these large scale projects.

We understand our clients require and deserve Local Personalized Engineering. This includes prompt response to their needs, being available to meet and discuss their ideas and concerns. This also includes providing access to specialty consultants only if and as required for their unique and specific needs. Local Personalized Engineering provides a more than a name – it provides a person with a face that can help you address you needs in a cost-effective manner. Our office in central New Jersey allows us to establish and maintain strategic project teams that work together to support the needs of our clients on a project specific basis.