Superstorm Sandy Recovery Program at the Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority

The Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority (BRSA) suffered devastating flood damage at its water pollution control plant located in Union Beach, NJ as a result of Superstorm Sandy.

The BRSA’s Treatment Plant was inundated with 2 to 3 feet of water at ground level following Hurricane Sandy. As the BRSA’s Consulting Engineer, R3M mobilized resources to provide emergency response and, working day and night along with BRSA and emergency contractors, restored flows through the plant within 30 hours after the flood event. We continue to support the BRSA in its efforts to permanently restore the damaged infrastructure and to mitigate the site against future flood events

R3M worked with BRSA staff and FEMA representatives to develop Project Worksheets (PW) to define temporary and permanent restoration at each of 23 separate facilities and structures within the BRSA Plant. R3M developed work scopes and cost estimates for each PW, some of which were used by FEMA as examples for other public entities within New Jersey to use for their damage reporting and project worksheet development.

R3M, working together with FEMA consultants retained by the BRSA, evaluated mitigation alternatives for the impacted facilities, and developed Hazard Mitigation Plan Proposals for each of the Authority’s major pump stations, process systems, and its two sludge incinerators. We worked with FEMA and the Authority’s FEMA consultants to develop plant-wide risk assessments including overall benefit-cost ratios for all facilities that resulted in multiple construction contracts and phases to restore and protect the Authority’s plant.

R3M worked closely with BRSA to secure SAIL Loan funding through the NJEIT to support the restoration and mitigation work under five separate construction contracts.