Regulatory Coordination and Funding Assistance

R3M has assisted clients in securing regulatory permits and approvals for major projects involving treatment works approvals, NJPDES permits, wetlands and land use permits, Green Acres access approvals, air emissions approvals and modifications, and coordinated cultural resource reviews.

We have successfully obtained Environmental Decision Documents (EDD), Environmental Assessments (EA), and Findings of No Significant Impacts (FONSI) to support the implementation of critical infrastructure projects

R3M’s experience working with the NJEIFP is both vast and unique. Various versions of the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Financing Programs (NJEIFP) have been implemented by the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure trust (NJEIT) since R3M began working with the Trust in 2000.

This work resulted in a $40 million loan program for a modification to sludge processing equipment at the Middlesex County Utilities Authority’ Water Reclamation Plant (Sayreville, NJ). To date, R3M has prepared, managed, and/or modified over 15 major project applications and loans for funding through the NJEIFP totaling over $250 Million, including traditional NJEIT financing, ARRA financing, and short-term SAIL loans.

We have worked with FEMA, NJDEP, NJEIT and USEPA and USACE to recover from the damaging effects of Hurricane Sandy, and we have worked with these State and Federal Agencies to successfully obtain FEMA funding and SAIL Loan Financing for over $137 million in SAIL program funding rebuilt critical infrastructure, protected from future similar events, and capable of operations with long term standby power solutions. We are currently working on additional applications for FEMA mitigation funding under the Sandy emergency declaration.